Giant Magnetic Dress Up Toy

giant magnetic dress up toy

We always enjoy the more bespoke custom made projects as it gives us the opportunity to use our skills to create something different. Wild & Wolf approached with their idea to turn some of their small dress up sets into a giant magnetic dress up toy to use in a display at John Lewis.

The dress up sets feature two children who have a range of changeable magnetic outfits that feature themes including explorers, super heroes and space travel. Wild & Wolf wanted to create a life-size version with clothing and outfits that could be swopped and changed like the toy version.

We created two freestanding characters with a magnetic receptive surface and cut to the character outlines. To accompany the characters we created custom printed magnetic outfits, these were split between hats, shoes and items of clothing so that people can mix & match and create their own outfits or follow a pre-designed theme.

giant magnetic dress up toy

The character part of the giant magnetic dress up toy was made with an exposed plywood edge which complimented the modern illustration style of the characters and clothing. We added a heavy foot to the stand for stability all in a matching style. The items of clothing are custom printed and cut to shape magnets which all hold to the freestanding character making it easy to change these around and add new elements or different outfits.

giant magnetic dress up toy

The finished product went down really well and we received some great feedback from the client:

Dan and the team at Logo Visual really understood our brief and made some great suggestions to make our designs come to life for Petit Collage. They helped us bring a child’s game from a small tin to a life size piece of experiential, for us to take in to store at John Lewis.

Everyone loved it. Thank you guys.

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