Hook Up Acrylic Whiteboards

We were asked to manufacture these hook up acrylic whiteboards as part of an office fit out project for a technology & systems company’s new headquarters in London. The requirement was for acrylic whiteboards of a size and weight suitable enough to be portable allowing interaction between departments and teams.

Acrylic Whiteboard 2 Acrylic Whiteboard 1

We produced a number of acrylic whiteboards for various locations around the large open plan office. They were manufactured to a specification which included rounded corners, carrying handles and holes to allow the whiteboards to be hung on the wall.

We developed stainless steel pegs to work with the boards that could be fixed to a variety of different wall types, from plasterboard to wood veneer and decorative wall panels. The pegs, fitted in pairs, allow the acrylic whiteboards to be hooked up in various locations and moved around the office as required.

Acrylic Whiteboard 4 Acrylic Whiteboard 3

The portable nature of the boards and the location of the pegs allows the users to work collaboratively at desks and seating areas then move into meeting rooms or board rooms for further discussion taking the work with them. The design of the pegs allows for multiple whiteboards to be hung from each set so that in busy areas of the office there is always one to write on.

We received very positive feedback on this project and have recently completed a further installation in other parts of the office.

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