Lean Canvas Whiteboard Wall

lean canvas whiteboard wall

We recently completed the manufacture and installation of a custom printed Lean Canvas whiteboard wall. This follows an increase in popularity of our mobile whiteboard partition walls and creating a more personalised, unique version. We created bespoke artwork to the clients specification which was printed to both sides of the whiteboard unit.

lean canvas whiteboard wall

The client wanted to create a large Lean Canvas whiteboard with the flexibility for meetings to take place wherever required rather than be restricted to a static wall surface.

Lean Canvas (by Ash Maurya) is an adaptation of Business Model Canvas created by Alexander Osterwalder and popularised by the likes of Apple and Skype. It is designed to help illustrate a range of planning and marketing strategies for competitive and business success.

The structure is similar but some sections have been changed to concentrate on the way timeline affects the revenue stream of a business. The Lean Canvas is more actionable and entrepreneur-focused. It focuses on factors such as uncertainty and risk making more target-specific to incorporate both small and large businesses effectively.

lean canvas whiteboard wall

Our mobile whiteboard walls are made to order so can therefore be customised to suit a particular project or client as seen in this example. Printing can be applied to one or both sides and can be simple branding or a full colour whole wall design.

Please contact us with any questions or to discuss potential projects. Further examples or previous mobile whiteboard wall can be seen here.

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