Magnetic Blackboard – Custom ThinkingWall

Magnetic Chalkboard

We recently completed an installation where a custom version of our ThinkingWall was required to create frameless whole wall magnetic blackboards as part of a larger scheme. Although generally finished with a white gloss writing surface we can as a special order produce ThinkingWall in custom colours. In this case a matte black surface for use with liquid chalk pens.

The project, for Network Rail, was part of a full office refurbishment where our experienced team of fitters installed 16 ThinkingWall’s throughout the office development including the magnetic blackboards seen here. The scheme included a mix of our usual gloss white panels for use with whiteboard marker pens along with the matte black panels to act as chalkboards. This mix added a nice touch of variety and when combined with the finished decor gave the whole scheme a clean modern look.

To finish each magnetic blackboard supplied and installed a sliding Moow whiteboard by Abstracta. We fitted a rail directly to the front of the matte black panels which allowed the sliding whiteboard to sit in front and move across the face of the magnetic chalkboard as and when required.

magnetic-chalkboard-298x223 magnetic-chalkboard-2-223x298






The magnetic blackboards are ideal for use with liquid chalk pens which are available in a range of colours and can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. These custom chalkboards have exactly the same writing capabilities as our standard ThinkingWall but the use of chalk gives them an old fashioned, retro feel. The magnetic receptive functionality is also the same so allows documents to be pinned up or other magnetic components such as pen trays or printed overlays to be attached.

This project shows how ThinkingWall, already a bespoke product, can be further customised to suit a clients needs or ideas. We are always happy to discuss a projects throughout it’s various stages and use our expertise in visual thinking solutions to advise and suggest suitable solutions.

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