Magnetic Display Stand

magnetic display stand

We were recently asked to produce a magnetic display stand by Physical Company, a producer of commercial fitness, gym and exercise equipment. The stand was to be used an upcoming trade show so needed to be portable enough to travel easily and sturdy enough to survive repeated use at various events.

A key requirement of the stand was to have printed magnetic receptive surfaces that could hold a series of magnetic tiles showing competition scores achieved by visitors. The competition ran for the length of the event so the magnetic display stand needed to provide enough height to fit a large number of results posted in a top gear scoreboard style way. Bearing this in mind we produced the magnetic display stand as a triangular structure. This allowed for the necessary height and stability whilst also providing two other sides that could be used for branding and advertising. As a self supporting shape the stand could easily be positioned wherever required without the need for additional fixings or fasteners.

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Each face of the triangular structure was produced individually and made to fit around a hidden base capable of holding weights for extra stability. At 2.4m high each side panel needed to be lightweight for transportation but also structurally solid enough not to get damaged or easily broken so a great deal of thought was put into selecting an appropriate material. Each panel was finished with a high quality print and drywipe magnetic receptive surface. We then produced corresponding writable magnetic tiles that the scores could be written onto and posted on the board.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients to produce bespoke made to measure solutions to their design brief and always welcome a challenge.

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