Magnetic Maps

magnetic maps

As part of our custom printed whiteboard service we are often asked to produce magnetic maps. So far we have produced a wide variety of different styles from world maps to UK maps and closer views of specific geographical areas.

Our magnetic maps feature a high quality print with a dry wipe writing surface. The magnetic receptive capabilities allow notes, pins and other accessories to be held onto the board without damaging the surface.

The magnetic maps we manufacture are supplied for a wide range of different uses. These include postcode maps for dividing sales areas, UK maps showing terrain, world maps to illustrate which ports particular container ships sail from and detailed OS maps to show at risk flood sites.

The drywipe surface of the magnetic maps is ideal for writing notes, plotting routes or mapping sales territories. The maps work well when combined with our custom magnets and used as simple markers or locators. We have previously produced tanker, van and boat shapes along with arrows and speech bubbles however the options are almost endless.

magnetic maps

Whilst the magnetic maps can act simply as a decorative piece they can also prove to be an invaluable planning tool. We use one in our offices to help plan the various deliveries and installations and this function is one many of our customers use in the maps we supply.

magnetic maps

We work with our clients to produce a map that suits their particular needs and can advise on a suitable size and scale. The addition of boundaries such as postcodes, local authorities and NHS clinical commissioning groups is also possible.

For more details please contact us and we would be happy to discuss a project in further depth.

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