Bespoke Magnetic Tweet Wall

We were recently asked to produce a bespoke magnetic tweet wall by a creative agency for one of their major clients. The wall was designed to be a decorative piece within the office and to display a range of their favorite tweets in a printed, physical form using speech bubbles as a template shape.

As the majority of our work is custom, bespoke and made measure we always enjoy receiving an interesting brief and this project was no exception. In completing this piece we brought together a number of different processes and experiences from past projects.

Each speech bubble for the tweet wall was individually produced working from a digital artwork file to ensure that the size, shape and colour of each accurately matches the original design. The printed, coloured and magnetic receptive surface is applied to a black core material which gives the speech bubble some weight and substance. The resulting black edges highlight the face colour and make each piece stand out from the white wall behind.

To create the finished tweet wall installation we followed a pre-designed schematic layout to position each magnetic receptive speech bubble within the space. Some were fitted directly to the wall whilst other had spacers on the back to add an element of relief to the piece, creating different levels and allowing some to overlap others.

To complete the project we supplied and produced a range of tweet magnets. These featured a range of favourite tweets that were recreated and printed onto magnetic tiles, the tiles hold themselves magnetically to the speech bubbles and can be moved around, refreshed or added to as and when required.

We were really pleased with the results as were the clients and it was great to see a visual representation of electronic communication. The tweet tiles were particular popular and very unusual for them to appear in a physical form, now we know what a tweet really looks like!

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