Custom Printed Magnetic Training Board

Magnetic Training Board

We recently produced a magnetic training board and custom printed magnets for Aico, a market leader in domestic CO and fire protection. The board allows team members to gather round a focal point and work together on a particular project.

Magnetic Training Board

The magnetic training board is to be used in Aico’s Centre of Excellence – the training, meeting and demonstration facility at their head office in Shropshire. The Workshop where these boards are to be used is a hands on area for training on installation and wiring and allows visitors to take part in hands on demonstrations of the products.

Magnetic Training Board

The magnetic training board was to be used on a table top to plot out locations for sensors, smoke and CO alarms and other safety equipment. We produced this as a lightweight custom printed whiteboard made to fit the size of the table top. The building layout design was pre-printed then we produced sets of custom printed magnets with different icons to represent the different pieces of equipment. These magnets can be placed on the board in various rooms and easily moved to demonstrate different configurations.

Further examples of our custom printed whiteboards can be found here and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects in more depth.

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