Magnetic Whiteboard Accessories

Magnetic Whiteboard Accessories

We recently completed the installation of a large ThinkingWall whiteboard at the offices of the Scottish Funding Council in Edinburgh. To work with the ThinkingWall we also supplied a range of bespoke magnetic whiteboard accessories that were manufactured to the clients specifications.

ThinkingWall is often the first element of a system of products we supply. It’s large drywipe whiteboard surface is ideal as a space for creative thinking and visual planning and the magnetic receptive layer extends the use even further. By utilising this receptive layer we can produce a range of magnetic whiteboard accessories that allow the ThinkingWall to be adapted for a wide variety of different functions.

The project was to use the ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard as the basis to create a multifunctional visual thinking and planning space to be used for anything from an area for open discussions and staff workshops to displaying key performance indicators for regular reviews.

In this instance the surface area was broken down into a number of sections that cover mission statements and core values, performance indicators and open discussion topics. For each section we produced a different set of magnetic whiteboard accessories, all produced from a flexible magnetic material that holds itself to the surface of the ThinkingWall. This allows them to be moved around at will or removed to give the full surface area of the board back for whole wall idea generation and visual planning.

Each of the magnetic whiteboard accessories was custom printed with artwork designed by the client which was all in keeping with the brand identity. The accessories ranged from a simple title bar to a performance indicator dial with movable pointer to show current levels. The ThinkingWall was also customised to make it more unique and produced with the requested rounded corners.

A new coat of paint to the wall behind the board was the finishing touch and really made the ThinkingWall stand out. The addition of new furniture really makes an inviting and functional space for the staff to use.

“We were looking for a new “canvas” to share information and encourage joint thinking at the Scottish Funding Council. The Thinking Wall turned out to be the perfect solution. Having nine square metres of space is fantastic . There’s room to be expansive and for things to have real impact.

The service we received right from our first enquiry, to installation (very fast, very painless) and through to working with the Logovisual team on bespoke accessories has been excellent.”

 Stephen Crowe, Assistant Director, Scottish Funding Council

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