MagPics – Stimulus Images

custom photo magnets

A recent development of our hexagonal MagNotes these photo magnets, called MagPics are designed as stimulus images to aid collaborative meetings and sessions by provoking ideas and discussions within the group.

Our drywipe MagNotes designed as part of our LVT methodology are a simple tool that allow the articulation, collection and organisation of ideas as part of a collaborative process. The MagPics are an extension of that idea and combine our custom printing with the visual thinking methodology.

Each MagPic features a different carefully selected photograph. The stimulus images range from beautiful natural landscapes to man made objects and human endeavour. The hexagonal shape allows them to be clustered together and organised according to topics or subjects being discussed whilst the magnetic back ensures they can be easily stuck to a whiteboard or magnetic receptive surface.

They are designed to be an ideal starting point for conversation, brainstorming or creative writing. The aim is to use them to help stimulate discussion and ideas within a classroom, group meeting or creative session.

One suggested method of use is to invite your participants to select one of the stimulus images that appeals to them in some way – that has some personal resonance. They then show their MagPic to the group explaining why they chose that particular picture. This allows people to use the photos as metaphors to reveal something of themselves in a safe manner. It helps break the ice and starts conversation ready for when the key subjects of the meeting or session are discussed.

We are always happy to discuss our products and any potential projects they may be used in, either by phone, email or the web contact forms.

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