Mobile and freestanding whiteboards

Mobile and freestanding whiteboards

Our ThinkingWall mobile and freestanding whiteboards are designed to complement each other as part of a family of products. Each has a slightly different function or range of sizes but all use our high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive writing surface.

For this project at Leeds Beckett University we supplied a combination of the ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander and ThinkingWall Divider.

The ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander is a double sided mobile whiteboard. It combines a drywipe and magnetic receptive writing surface with acoustic panels for added sound deadening properties. We used a teal green for the acoustic panels in this project but a range of other colours are available.

There are two standard sizes options at 1500mm or 2400mm wide which both feature lockable castors for each of movement around a space. The Acoustic Freestander doubles as a whiteboard and easy to move screen which is ideal for small teams to gather together as part of a group session or team meeting.

The ThinkingWall Divider is designed to act as a double sided mobile and freestanding whiteboard wall or partition. The whiteboard writing surface fully covers both sides of the unit while the customisable end panels feature handles to help move the product around. The whiteboard faces finish flush with the base which removes any trip hazards and adds to the solid mobile wall look. Each unit is fitted with lockable castors enabling it to be moved and locked into position.

We find customers use these to divide up office spaces and create smaller work zones in open plan offices. With them being heavier and deeper than the Acoustic Freestander they are often moved into place and kept in the same position for longer periods of time. However when it comes to re-configure the space the wheels and handles allow this to be done quickly and easily.

Our range of mobile and freestanding whiteboards is not limited to the Divider and Acoustic Freestander. The full family of products can be seen here and we often customise or make bespoke units to suit a clients needs.

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