Mobile Multimedia Whiteboard Wall

Mobile multimedia whiteboard wall 1

We recently completed a project working with our client to develop a mobile multimedia whiteboard wall. This was based around our ThinkingWall Divider product but adapted and customised to suit the particular requirements.

The brief was for a mobile whiteboard wall which doubled as a multimedia unit and included built in shelving to create a multi-functional product. The combination of digital and analogue techniques is ideal for meeting spaces where teams may be working across different platforms or even across different countries.

Built in TV and touch screen display

A main function of the mobile multimedia whiteboard wall was providing the dual function of a digital display and drywipe writing surface. The ThinkingWall Divider was adapted with a cut out recess and hidden bracket to allow the integration of a TV screen and 65 inch touch screen display. The screen was finished flush with the whiteboard face for a clean and neat finish but can be accessed for maintenance as and when required.

Power, USB and other network cables were also concealed inside the unit with easy access to connect laptops and other hardware.

Mobile multimedia whiteboard wall

Integrated Storage

A further modification to the mobile multimedia whiteboard wall was building shelves into one end for added storage. They also provide space to house a laptop with connections through to the screen.

The four spacious storage sections provided plenty of room for files, documents and any other hardware which may need to be connected to the screen.

Mobile & Manoeuvrable

The whiteboard wall unit is fitted with locking castors making it easy keep in place but move and re-position if required. We use high quality wheels to ensure the weight is evenly distributed and rolls steadily when being moved. The handle built into the non-storage end also aids in positioning and moving the unit.

This project shows how our standard products like the ThinkingWall Divider can be modified and customised. We’ve also worked on a mobile whiteboard TV unit without storage. We use our design and manufacture skills to offer the best solution to a brief as we possibly can. We enjoy collaborating with our clients which in the case of this project led to a great finished product.

If you’d like to discuss a whiteboard idea of your own we’d be delighted to offer advice and a no obligation quote.Digital

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