Mobile Partition Screens

Mobile Partition Screen

We are often asked if we can adapt some of our current product range for new uses. This project for custom mobile partition screens is a recent example of that process.

We were approached by the Hair & Media Makeup department at University College Birmingham who had seen our ThinkingWall Dividers and wondered if they could be used as a mobile wall or screen.

The screen didn’t need any of the whiteboard functionality. The college just needed a surface that they could cover, decorate, paint or attach fixtures to create a multi-function backdrop and display space.

Mobile Partition Screen

For the mobile partition screens we replaced the standard whiteboard panels with bare MDF panels which can be easily decorated. The units are mounted on a sturdy base with 6 lockable castors to provide a stable footprint. The handles fitted to each end allow for easy maneuvering from one position to another.

We used the standard structure which we know works and is stable and easy to move. We increased the height so that the units finished above head height but we kept the width to the standard 2200mm. This meant tutors and students can position the screens to create corners, mini rooms or any other configuration required.

As with our other projects we include delivery and installation so our team set up and assembled the units ready for use. Although the College was closed at the time of installation we look forward hearing how the tutors and students make use of the new mobile screens.

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