Frameless Mobile Planning Whiteboard

frameless mobile whiteboard

Our frameless mobile planning whiteboard, the ThinkingWall™ Freestander has been increasing in popularity and we are supplying more and more to customers around the UK. We supplied 6 of the mobile freestanding whiteboard units to C_Space for their office in London.

frameless mobile whiteboard

The frameless whiteboard unit is ideal for group meetings, allowing teams to gather and discuss projects without being restricted to one particular location. They deliver the functionality of a traditional mobile whiteboard with a clean, modern and contemporary look. The double sided writing surface, made from the same high quality material as the wall mounted ThinkingWall, provides a large space ideal for visual thinking and creative planning.

frameless whiteboard  frameless mobile whiteboard  frameless mobile whiteboard

The team at C_Space have already put the frameless mobile planning whiteboard units to good use sending us some great photos and feedback about their experience of using them:

“In an office where wall space, and any areas to lay out work and be able to go through things constructively and easily is at a premium, the Logovisual whiteboards have given our consultants far more flexibility to do what they need to do. The ability to have ad hoc or small group meetings around the office now, and even at your desk, has been invaluable to help facilitate how we operate internally as a business.

It’s not just small group meetings where these mobile boards have now found use however. We are able to have larger group meetings and even all staff gatherings utilising our existing presentation space and supplemented by these highly flexible surfaces.

As a product, they really provide a varied functionality to aid in our brainstorming and project work, combining the magnetic surface with easily cleaned, writable surfaces and just the simplicity of being able to stick what you want to them. These mobile whiteboards have really been an excellent investment and are immensely popular with our staff”.

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