Mobile Whiteboard TV Unit

Mobile whiteboard TV unit

As manufacturers of bespoke and custom whiteboards we are often asked to make one off products or adapt our existing products to suit a particular function.  This mobile whiteboard tv unit is a good example of that.

Our mobile and freestanding whiteboards are becoming increasingly popular, particularly the ThinkingWall Divider. We were asked by a client if we could create a similar unit that could house a large TV screen combined with drywipe and magnetic writing surfaces.

Mobile whiteboard TV unit

The resulting mobile whiteboard tv unit featured a recess to house the screen on an extending bracket so that the TV can still be accessed for maintenance and connecting cables, wires and other accessories. The area surrounding the screen is a drywipe, magnetic writing surface which extends all the way to the bottom of the unit. The other side offers full whiteboard coverage to provide a large writing area when the TV screen in not required.

This makes the mobile whiteboard tv unit extremely flexible. Both sides can be used simultaneously or the unit can be simply spun round change from TV screen to whiteboard using the inset handles and lockable castors. We have also recently worked on a whiteboard TV unit with storage.

We enjoy the challenge of working on bespoke or custom projects and the majority of our current product range started life this way. Working collaboratively like this using our wealth of experience means we are able to design and develop products which fulfill a genuine need or requirement.

For further details please contact us and we would be happy to discuss projects in further detail

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