Personalised magnetic map whiteboard

Personalised magnetic maps are the ideal planning and logistics solution. Our maps can range from whole world maps down to an specific area that our clients would like to use.
Port to Port came to us looking for a personalised magnetic map. They needed a whiteboard map that was custom printed to a specific area of Africa showing mainly the ports.

Custom printed magnetic map port-to-port-map

We then supplied them with custom shaped magnetics, namely ships, to help plot and track specific sea vessels and their intended routes through dangerous waters.The huge magnetic map board was achieved from 2 panels with the artwork matching across the seam. This meant the overall size of the map was 2metres x 2 metres, and once installed provided a unique focal point in the office, an a critical at-a-glance perspective on vessel positions. Our frameless dry wipe magnetic maps can range from city street maps to full world maps, tailored to specific requirements.

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