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Our ThinkingWall product is an ideal solution for clients requiring a product development space in their company. We have installed these in both offices and production warehouses and they are used to encourage employees to improve or create new products and processes for their company.

img_2695 Product Development Space

Gripple is the market leader of wire joiners and tensioners for the agriculture and viticulture market and wire rope suspension solutions for the construction market. They were looking for a product development space to be located in their manufacturing warehouse. This would be used for designers and production staff to work collaboratively in creating new products in an all visual way, making all thoughts, ideas and opinions equal.

Their aim was to unleash potential within employees in an informal way, and using our ThinkingWall they now have the perfect product development space, and hopefully many more genius inventions to make everyday life easier for their customers.

The soloution was to install a ThinkingWall in one of Gripple’s production areas. It is used for showing the production area the new products the company are designing and giving them the opportunity to look at the prototype products (stored in the boxes under the shelf). They also use it as a focus to ensure they have the assembly jigs and fixtures designed, the assembly procedures are in place and to keep the new product on the ThinkingWall for the first three months of its production life so they can identify and resolve any issues.

Gripple have since returned for further installations of our ThinkingWall so it’s clearly done the trick for them!

Phil Mercer is Product Lead at Logovisual.

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