Removable Magnetic Spreadsheet

Removable Magnetic Spreadsheet

Where large whiteboards have been installed we are often asked to provide solutions that adapt the whiteboard for specific functions. This removable magnetic spreadsheet is one of those solutions.

Removable Magnetic Spreadsheet

We were asked by one of our clients to supply a large removable magnetic spreadsheet that could be moved to and from various locations around their offices. It was to be used for different aspects of company training and meetings so  needed to be portable and easy to handle, as well as mounting to a variety of magnetic surfaces.

We produced a large magnetic sheet with drywipe surface that was custom printed with artwork to the clients specification, including the spreadsheet chart, company logos and branding. This is a very similar material to our custom printed magnets but on a much larger scale.

The removable magnetic spreadsheet will mount easily to any magnetic surface and can be rolled up and placed into a storage tube or architectural drawing holder ready for it’s next use. This means the whiteboard can remain as a blank writing and working space day to day but be quickly and easily adapted for different uses by simply sticking up the magnetic sheet.

Quickly mountable and easily transferable, this removable magnetic spreadsheet has been a big hit with our client.

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