Rolling whiteboard with shelves arrives at temporary office in Canada

rolling whiteboard with shelves

Our client, Sid Lee are a creative agency who work globally from North America and Europe. They were looking for a rolling whiteboard with built in shelves to fit in the new design scheme for their temporary office in Montreal.

Our products are often created out of a particular client need, this usually results in a bespoke or custom made product that later becomes part of our products range.  The ThinkingWall Stor is a prime example of this process.

Sid Lee had intended to move to new offices in 2019. Unfortunately the move had to be delayed, and they instead had to occupy temporary space in the same building. Seizing the opportunity to turn a negative into a positive experience, they came up with a ‘camp’ theme for the interim space. You can read more about the design and move in this Camp Ville-Marie article in Infopresse.

After a number of discussions we agreed that we could create the rolling whiteboard with built in shelves using our ThinkingWall Divider as a base. We reconfigured the design to hide the internal support allowing for open space at either end to add the built in storage. The unit features drywipe and magnetic receptive whiteboards to both sides and lockable wheels for easy movement and re-positioning.

The ThinkingWall range includes several rolling whiteboards. They are an ideal whiteboard for temporary office space. They avoid issues with making marks or holes in walls, and can even taken with you when you move.

Once we completed manufacture, we securely packed and shipped the new rolling whiteboards ready for assembly on their arrival in Canada.

It was great to see photos of them in the new space and hear feedback from the client on how the new whiteboards were working out. The intention is to move some of the furnishings to the new office, so we look forward to seeing the next phase.

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