Save the Date Magnets

save the date magnets

Our custom printed magnets are used for a wide range of different functions most recently as save the date magnets. These small magnets (around 60mm x 45mm) were designed to be easily posted out to the wedding guests as a little reminder that could be stuck onto the fridge or other magnetic receptive surfaces.

Working from a supplied design we printed the graphic onto our magnetic material which is then die cut to shape. The save the date custom magnets were finished with a clear matt vinyl which gives the magnets a protective coating and a non reflective finish. They work perfectly as a small gift for the intended wedding guests and when placed on a fridge door act as reminder in a place most likely to be seen by the most people.

As a bespoke product these save the date magnets were produced to order and to the clients specification. In this case the design and shape had already been set however we can work from an initial idea and work with a client to create a finished product that hopefully exceeds expectations.

The save the date magnets are part of the long list of custom magnets we have produced to date. They can have a wide variety of uses including anything from small performance indicators and status icons to larger maps, calendars and wall charts. Further information can be found here and we always happy to discuss potential projects and initials ideas.


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  1. Loved these Save the Date Magnets !Great reminder as wedding giveaways for guests.

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