Simple and effective communication whiteboards for hospitals

We regularly work with NHS Trusts to produce communications whiteboards for hospitals. Often these are printed boards for use on wards, but we also supply freestanding whiteboards for offices and meeting areas.

Custom printed ward whiteboards

A custom printed ward board is a superior alternative to a plain board and line tape. The print sits under the top layer, giving you a smooth surface to write on and making cleaning easy. We can design to your brief, whether that’s a simple grid format or includes graphics and logos. Ward whiteboards can show staffing, bed location, and individual patient information. You can write on with standard whiteboard pens, or use coloured pin magnets or custom printed magnets to show progress and status.

Printed gridlines whiteboard
Whiteboard with printed gridlines
Printed magnetic dry wipe boards for waiting areas and play rooms

Our custom printed boards have the option of being magnetic receptive, which means they lend themselves to all kinds of uses. We supplied some for use as interactive art in a children’s ward. As they are wipe clean, they are perfect for this environment.  They also work well to display printed material using pin magnets or magnetic document holders.

Magnetic wall art for Manchester Children’s Hospital

Printed patient boards for beds and doors

Smaller, portable versions of the custom printed boards, lightweight patient update whiteboards provide a quick snapshot for staff. You can place them in a holder at the end of the bed or on the door, or they can be fixed with sticky hook and loop tabs. Team with magnetic icons or instructions to make them quick and easy to use. We supplied the example below with ‘nil by mouth’ and ‘fasting’ indicators.

Dry wipe printed board for hospital bed
Bed board for Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital

Ward board whiteboard overlays

Custom printed magnetic overlays make use of existing whiteboards when you don’t want to, or can’t, remove them. We can work to your design in a similar way to the custom printed ward whiteboards, although we’d recommend a maximum size of 1.2 x 2 metres. After that the overlays become quite heavy to handle and we’d suggest a new lightweight board instead.  The result provides you with a nice fresh surface to write on, and can be taken down to use on a horizontal surface.

Whiteboard magnetic overlay
Whiteboard magnetic printed overlay

Printed patient status magnets

Custom printed magnets are a quick an easy way to show important facts about a patient’s status. They are a useful addition to a ward management system. We have plenty of examples if you need inspiration, or we can use your own designs.


hospital ward management system
Hospital ward management system magnets

Freestanding whiteboards for offices, training and meetings

Our range of ThinkingWall mobile freestanding whiteboards allow you to be flexible with space and layout. They can divide office space and create a focal point for training sessions and meetings. They are double sided and magnetic receptive, giving generous space for wrtiting or dsplaying documents. We can customise the ends and bases depending on model with colours, logos and graphics.

custom branded mobile whiteboard wall
ThinkingWall Divider for UHCW NHS Trust Innovation Hub


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