Speech Bubble Whiteboard

We produce a wide range of custom shaped whiteboards however some shapes are more popular than others. The speech bubble whiteboard is one we are often asked to produce in various sizes, styles and finishes. This latest project was a conversation wall with a collection of speech bubble whiteboards in a mix of colours and sizes forming the final design.


We were approached with an idea to create a conversation wall that was centered around a large light bulb surrounded by smaller speech bubbles where people could pin up thoughts, ideas and notes.

Working to client approval we created a simple graphic representation of a light bulb followed by two sizes of speech bubble shape.

Each speech bubble whiteboard was custom printed in a range of colours then cut and finished to size. Each one is manufactured with a magnetic receptive layer and drywipe surface providing the dual use of both writing and magnetically holding notes.

As each speech bubble whiteboard is a separate item the finished piece has to be assembled on site. We pre plan this before installation to ensure the design fills the space correctly and looks as expected.

These speech bubble whiteboards are just one example of the custom shapes we can produce. To date, we have supplied a wide range including feet, leaves, a heart, coffee cup and much more.

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