Speech Bubble Whiteboards

speech bubble whiteboard

We recently produced a set of hand held speech bubble whiteboards for use in a twitter campaign as part of the GPTW best workplaces award. The idea behind the campaign was for employees to showcase why they enjoy working at Capital One on the speech-bubble.  Then have their photo taken as part of a corporate tweet.

speech bubble whiteboard

The speech-bubble whiteboards are lightweight and durable.  They feature a drywipe surface finish which easily allows for notes to be written and erased when no longer required. Our custom whiteboards including these speech-bubbles are made to order and produced in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs.


speech bubble whiteboards

We have produced a wide range of other custom shaped whiteboards.  In addition, we have produced large numbers of different shapes and styles of speech-bubbles whiteboards. Often used for projects like this one they are ideal for using as pledge boards. Also, advertising, promotions and events or simply as a decorative wall mounted whiteboard. We can work to a specific brief or supplied design to suit each client’s requirements.

Further examples of our custom whiteboards can be seen here and we always welcome the opportunity to discuss a project in further detail.

2 thoughts on “Speech Bubble Whiteboards

  1. We are looking for a big speech bubble whiteboard for a group picture (4-10 people), do you have any suggestions?

    1. We can certainly help with your project, and one of the team will contact you for more details.

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