Sports Tactics Board

Sports tactics board

Over the last few weeks we have received a number of orders for custom made sports tactics boards all relating to a variety of different sports. They have ranged from premiership football clubs and national sports teams to less well-known sports such as Aussie Rules football.

Sports tactics board

Each sports tactics board is produced using the same methods as our custom printed whiteboards utilising the drywipe and magnetic receptive surface finish to make something that is easy to update and change as a match progresses. The boards generally feature a pitch layout as part of the design onto which notes, positions and players can be written with a drywipe marker allowing for quick amendments or a sports tactic board that can be used repeatedly.

Sports tactics board
We have produced custom sports tactics boards in a variety of different styles which include lightweight portable versions for easy use at pitch side or during team briefings. The portable sports tactic board features protective edge lipping for increased durability with magnetic receptive and drywipe surfaces to both the front and back of the board. There is the option to have both sides printed with a custom design or to print one side and leave the reverse blank to act as a portable whiteboard.

Alternatively, we have produced heavier weight versions for more permanent wall mounting, often these are placed in offices or meeting rooms where they get used on a regular basis prior to any games or matches taking place. The wall mounted boards are frameless and feature concealed fixings to give a clean modern look when fitted to the wall.

Sports tactics board

All of the sports tactics boards can be produced with a magnetic receptive surface which can prove particularly useful when teamed with a set of custom magnets. We have produced magnets to go with the boards in a variety of styles and they are most commonly used to represent the individual players. The photos above show examples of magnets produced in t-shirt shapes and as clear photo holders.

Further examples of our custom projects can be found throughout the website and we are always happy to discuss or advise on potential projects.

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