Staff Display Board

Staff Display Board

A Staff display board at a school or office can be set out to portray an organisations structure, showing photos of all staff. This can be useful to parents or visitors as a way of knowing who’s who. A staff display board can also be an internal bulletin board where staff post each other messages and departments share their news. We have worked with numerous clients to bring some life and creativity to all kinds of staff display board, but none quite as funky as this one at FSS!


FSS wanted to dedicate a whole wall to displaying their employees, their current client projects, the inter-relationships between them, news and messages. The organic nature of the design says something about their working culture. They originally contacted us with a request for custom printed magnets for applying to a tree that was to be painted directly onto a wall with magnetic paint. Fortunately we managed to persuade them that we could do a superior job that would last longer and also be drywipe. We achieved this with digitally printed drywipe magnetic panels, hung and tensioned together in situ.

This solution deploys the same mounting system  as ThinkingWall.

custom printed whiteboard4

Whilst we are always delighted to get our designers to go to town on the design for this kind of project, in this instance they had all the talent they needed in house, so we worked from their design to produce the wall and the magnetic components, including custom cut magnetic banners, magnetic logos and staff portraits.

“We’re really happy with the wall. It brightens up the place and always engages staff and clients in some useful discussions” Mandie Brighton, FSS


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