ThinkingWall Bespoke Frameless Whiteboard

We continue to supply and install our ever popular Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard in a wide variety of locations and sizes. ThinkingWalls are all made to order and so can be specified at a size to suit a particular area or wall. The recent examples shown here were manufactured in a landscape format and designed to stretch across the width of the room.

bespoke frameless whiteboard

A modular system, the Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard allows multiple panels to be joined to create a single writing surface. As a result an almost seamless whiteboard can be created at the chosen size. Each panel is joined with a very fine seam allowing users to write and work uninterrupted across the joins. This means users can therefore treat the ThinkingWall as a single whole wall whiteboard.

bespoke frameless whiteboard

The mounting system and shadow gap gives the Thinkingwall bespoke frameless whiteboard a floating effect. While the frameless finish creates a clean, simple, minimal look  which suits a wide range of spaces. ThinkingWall is installed by our team of experienced fitters and installers. We are always happy to advise on how best to use the space available. Helping to achieve the most effective and therefore most useful writing space possible.

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