ThinkingWall Corner Whiteboard

corner whiteboard

ThinkingWall is a modular whole wall whiteboard system produced in bespoke sizes to suit a wide variety of different spaces. It was the ideal solution for this project which required a fitted corner whiteboard allowing one surface to run into the corner of the room then continuing onto the returning wall without any gaps or breaks.

The unique joining system of our ThinkingWall whiteboards is normally used to create large whiteboards from multiple panels resulting in one continuous surface. The same joining system was adapted to create the corner whiteboard for this project so that one side fits into the other to leave only a very fine joining seam between the two.

corner whiteboard

As with all ThinkingWalls, the corner whiteboard features a high quality, long lasting drywipe and magnetic receptive surface. It allows notes to be easily written and wiped away when no longer required whilst the magnetic receptive qualities mean photos, drawings, paper and other documents can be pinned magnetically to the surface.

All ThinkingWalls are made to measure and we have produced them in sizes ranging from under a metre to long runs of 12 metres and everything in between. We are always happy to advise on the best and most efficient use space to help plan a solution that suits the requirements, needs and budget of a client.

Further information on ThinkingWall can be found here along with further examples of previous installations.

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