ThinkingWall Frameless Whiteboard

ThinkingWall Frameless Whiteboard 2

Our ThinkingWall Frameless Whiteboard is a magnetic whole wall system. It delivers the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a high quality, thoroughly contemporary look and feel.

Our frameless, minimalist magnetic whiteboard is perfect for any area where you want to create uninhibited notes and illustrations on an entire wall whiteboard surface. For use in conference rooms, receptions, offices, collaborative spaces and other personal and group work spaces.

The concealed fixtures and fittings give the impression the ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard is floating off the wall. This effect and lack of frame helps to remove the boundaries from your visual thinking space.

The unique modular panel system helps us provide a continuous writing surface at virtually any size. Exact sizes are produced, either using a single panel, or multiple panels jointed end to end or side by side to form continuous surfaces with tightly butting, tensioned seams. All panels and their purpose made mounting frames are bespoke with finishing details matched to enhance your workspace.

The above image is from our latest installation and shows the ThinkingWall in use in an office breakout area. It was made to measure to suit the space and fitted by our specialist installation team.

For further examples of ThinkingWall frameless whiteboards click here.

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