ThinkingWall Freestander Mobile Whiteboard

We are very excited to introduce our new mobile whiteboard, the Freestander, to the ThinkingWall family of products.

A frameless magnetic mobile whiteboard, the ThinkingWall Freestander is proving the perfect solution when wall space is in short supply, a particular problem in large open plan offices. It delivers the functionality of a traditional whiteboard with a clean, modern and contemporary look.

The double sided writing surface, made from the same high quality material as the wall mounted ThinkingWall, provides a large space ideal for visual thinking and creative planning. The clean, simple base removes the need for frames or legs and the associated tripping hazards whilst maximising the available writing space.

Set on four wheels the ThinkingWall Freestander is very stable and easy to move, it has been specifically designed at a height to allow it to pass through doors without needing to be dismantled.

The large magnetic receptive surface is ideal for project management systems such as Agile and Lean. Its portable nature easily enables movement between offices and meeting rooms providing a flexible solution to facilitate collaborative working across a business.

As with all our standard products the Freestander was initially developed to meet a specific client brief and now we are making the solution available to benefit others.

For more information on the Freestander mobile whiteboard can be found here, we are always happy to discuss customer requirements and where possible we can arrange the viewing of a demonstration version near you.

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