ThinkingWall Made to Measure Whiteboard

ThinkingWall is a made to measure whiteboard system which allows multiple panels to be fitted together in situ with an almost seamless join between each panel. It is the original product in the ThinkingWall range and continues to be a very popular solution where custom sized or whole wall writing spaces are required. It offers a high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive surface with a frameless modern look.

As a made to measure whiteboard each ThinkingWall is manufactured to fit the space it is designed for rather than picking from a range of standard whiteboard panels at the nearest size. We manufacture each ThinkingWall whiteboard in the UK and are installed by our experienced team of fitters. The full installation service ensures each ThinkingWall is professionally fitted with joins between panels as seamless as they can possibly be.

Made to measure whiteboard

Rather than individual whiteboards mounted side by side each ThinkingWall panel is manufactured to join almost seamlessly to the others in order to create one continuous writing surface. The frameless panels are joined on site and tensioned to ensure the seam will remain as minimal as when it was first installed throughout the products lifespan.

Made to measure whiteboard

The ThinkingWall made to measure whiteboard is complemented by other products in the range which all use the same high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive finish. The Freestander provides a mobile work area for visual thinking whilst the Desk is ideal for writing notes and ideas during group meetings or planning sessions.

For further details please see the ThinkingWall page of our website or contact us to discuss any requirements you may have.

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