ThinkingWall Made to Measure Whiteboard Wall Panels

ThinkingWall is a made to measure whiteboard system which allows multiple panels to be fitted together in situ with an almost seamless join between each panel. It offers a high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive surface with a frameless modern look.

Wall panels are the original product in the ThinkingWall whiteboard range, and it continues to be a very popular solution. It’s ideal for any area where custom sized or whole whiteboard wall writing spaces are required. We can supply anything from multiple whiteboard panels for a full office refit, to a few panels for a meeting area or even a single panel for a small space.

Full installation service

As a made to measure whiteboard each ThinkingWall is manufactured to fit the space it is designed for rather than picking from a range of standard whiteboard panels at the nearest size. We manufacture each ThinkingWall whiteboard in the UK and are installed by our experienced team of fitters. The full installation service ensures each Thinking Wall is professionally fitted with joins between panels as seamless as they can possibly be.

Continuous writing surface

Rather than individual whiteboards mounted side by side each Thinking Wall panel is manufactured to join almost seamlessly to the others in order to create one continuous writing surface. The frameless panels are joined on site and tensioned to ensure the seam will remain as minimal as when it was first installed throughout the products lifespan. The modular system allows, where required, multiple panels to be joined together to form a continuous whiteboard surface to fit any space.

Made to measure whiteboard

World’s longest custom whiteboard wall?

In 2018 we manufactured and installed the longest custom whiteboard we had ever produced. At 17 metres long we wonder if this is the worlds longest custom whiteboard.

We completed this project as part of the refurbishment and development our client was undertaking on their innovation centre. The aim was to create as much collaborative working space as possible to give staff freedom to think and generate new ideas. They hoped to have a number of smaller whiteboards and then one long run across the main wall of the room for which our ThinkingWall product is the ideal solution.

The 17m custom whiteboard was installed by our team of experienced fitters to ensure that the whole wall is flat, level and able to be easily written on from one side to the other.

All of our Thinking Wall whiteboards are made to measure and we are always happy to discuss dimensions and advise on the best possible size, whether this is 1 metre wide or above and beyond the 17 metres seen on this project.

longest custom whiteboard

Huge magnetic whiteboard wall

Our ThinkingWall panel system is ideal for creating a huge magnetic whiteboard wall. This installation is one of the largest we have produced to date, second only to the project detailed above.

This magnetic whiteboard wall is part of a series of boards we fitted for a large training centre in the north of England. This ThinkingWall is 12 metres long by 2.6 metres high and although we have produced longer walls we believe this is the largest whiteboard surface area we have ever produced.

The magnetic whiteboard wall is ideal for collaborative meetings and sessions where a large visual planning space is a key tool. Large groups can get together to quickly and easily sketch or write thoughts and ideas onto the board for discussion. This particular example makes use of what can be a forgotten space in a corridor.

magnetic whiteboard wall

Large office refurbishment project

Our van set off early one May morning heading for London. We were on our way to deliver and install the last of a set of frameless whiteboard panels for a large office refurbishment in central London. The job involved totally refitting three floors of the building. We have supplied, manufactured and installed a grand total of 53 made to measure frameless whiteboards on offices across all of these newly refurbished floors.

We used our ThinkingWall panels to create wall mounted frameless whiteboards to suit the individual offices throughout the building. In sizes ranging from 1.40m wide to nearly 3m wide each frameless whiteboard was cut and finished to size then fitted on site by our team of experienced installers.

The Thinking Wall frameless whiteboards allow us to provide a large blank writing space ideal for visual thinking and creative planning. In this particular project individual panels were placed in multiple locations from private offices to collaborative meeting rooms.

frameless whiteboard

Whiteboards in an open plan office

We recently completed a large installation of our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard as part of an office refurbishment in Nottingham. These visual planning boards were placed around an open plan office to provide working space behind desks.

Visual planning board

In this case the visual planning boards were produced in a variety of different widths to suit particular wall spaces. We kept the height of all ThinkingWall whiteboards the same to give a consistent look across the space. The largest board is 15 metres wide while the others range from 3 to 5 metres wide.

The flexibility of Thinking Wall means we can create visual planning boards designed to fit and work in a specific space. The wide almost seamless runs of panels provide space to work unencumbered by frames or standard off the shelf sizes. They allow people to work together in one space helping to promote collaboration and discussion.

Shared thinking space for systems design

An shared development space is often a necessity for many system design functions within organisations, they are vast open areas where employees can portray their thoughts and ideas for all to see.

Online gaming giants Gamesys stated that after chairs, tables and computers, that whiteboards are the next most fundamental requirement in their workspace. Our premium product ThinkingWall, with its drywipe/magnetic and extra large whiteboard surface area offered them the perfect agile development space.

Every available wall space across all three floors of their premises now has a ThinkingWall whiteboard installed, each one individually custom made to truly optimise the wall space available. Lengths of up to 8 metres are achieved by joining sections with tightly tensioned butting seams.

thinkingwall whole wall whiteboard








Discuss your bespoke whiteboard wall

We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects and are always happy to offer thoughts, opinions and advice.

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