ThinkingWall Stor: Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves

ThinkingWall Stor: Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves

Following the launch of the ThinkingWall Stor, our most recent addition to the product range, we were asked to create a custom version for a client in Birmingham. This custom mobile whiteboard with shelves is wider than the standard Stor and with additional shelves to provide extra storage space.

Each unit is 1200mm wide, 1925mm high and has almost double the standard depth at 600mm. The shelves are adjustable so the height can be increased or decreased depending on the items being stored.

Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves

Both sides of the ThinkingWall Stor: Custom mobile whiteboard with shelves feature a magnetic receptive and drywipe surface. This offers a large writing area and means both sides can be easily used at the same time by different groups and individuals. They are ideal for open plan rooms like this and can be used to break up the space into smaller and more adaptable work areas. The built in storage means no further furniture is required helping to keep the clean open design of the space.

ThinkingWall Stor mobile whiteboard

These bespoke versions of the ThinkingWall Stor show how our standard products can be adapted or customised to suit a particular need. We have designed our product range to meet a wide variety of requirements but we know at times something more specific may be needed. In these cases we are happy to work with clients to adapt things or develop something completely different.

For further details or to discuss a particular project please contact either by phone or email.

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