ThinkingWall™ Whiteboard Panel Offer

ThinkingWall™ panels at regular whiteboard prices

These boards are produced from the same material and to the same specification as our whole wall ThinkingWall™ whiteboards. As every ThinkingWall™ is made to order at the requested size we are often left with material that we can turn into smaller whiteboards and offer at heavily discounted rates. It means we generate less waste but also allows us to offer a high quality product at standard whiteboard pricing.

Following the successful completion of a large installation project we have a number of these panels on offer. Stock is limited to the listed sizes below so pick up a bargain while they are available.

All are supplied with concealed fixing rails attached to the rear of the board and counterparts for fixing to the wall. Simply attach the counterpart rail to your chosen wall then lift and hang the whiteboard in place. This fixing method gives the whiteboard a slight stand off from the wall which helps create a floating effect.


We don’t keep stock of these panels so sizes are limited however we regularly add new panels to our online store so please check back or contact us for up to date availability.

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