ThinkingWall Whiteboard Workspace

whiteboard workspace

ThinkingWall is the ideal solution to create a large whiteboard workspace or visual planning area. In this project for Jo Cowen Architects based in London we fitted a ThinkingWall to span one wall of the office and provide a large working area.

ThinkingWall is made to measure so we can create a whiteboard workspace to suit almost any wall or office.  The modular system means we can join multiple panels to create one continuous writing area at almost any size. We can manufacture them, like this project, in a long landscape format. Alternatively you may prefer a portrait orientation to create a floor to ceiling, wall to wall whiteboard workspace.

A whiteboard workspace is a particularly useful tool for making thoughts and ideas visible. Working collaboratively or simply displaying work of large groups to see ThinkingWall is perfect. Each ThinkingWall features a high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive surface designed for long term use. We often work for architects as the expansive working area allows large plans and drawings to be easily displayed. Notes, designs and annotations can be easily sketched alongside any drawings.

Further details and examples of other ThinkingWall projects can be seen here and we are always happy to answer questions or discuss potential projects.

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