Very large whiteboard partition walls

custom branded mobile whiteboard wall

At the moment many workplaces are considering how to divide their open plan space into smaller areas to protect workers from virus spread. A very large whiteboard partition wall might be the answer.

Large partition wall

A whiteboard wall is a sturdy partition to split banks of desks or walkways. It offers a practical writing surface whilst blending with most existing office design. With a magnetic receptive option and magnetic tiles or pin magnets you have a communications board. The ThinkingWall Divider is the largest mobile whiteboard we make, available in standard or custom size options.

Freestanding static curved whiteboard wall

Freestanding Curved Whiteboard Wall

If there is a very large open space to split up, then a long static freestanding partition wall would fit the bill. These curved walls offer flexible configurations and a double sided dry wipe surface. Their stunning contemporary aesthetic and practical applications make them look and function like the backbone of the office.

ThinkingWall Dividers moveable and extendable whiteboard partition

Modular linking mobile whiteboard partitions

A project in Glasgow for the Science Museum showcased the flexibility of our ThinkingWall Divider. We added brackets to the ends so that the units link together with a flexible joint. This means several mobile panels sit together to create a large, stable concertina partition wall. If you want to reconfigure they come apart easily to be used individually or in pairs to create a corner space. We can even add storage – take a look at the ThinkingWall Stor.

Extra wide ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander

Wide Acoustic Mobile Whiteboard

Sound privacy can be as important as a visual screen, and our ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander ticks both boxes. The widest option is 2400mm, as seen in the first project we completed with this product which featured two extra wide whiteboard units. Many workers are returning to the office because they miss collaborating with colleagues and the casual conversations that often spark new ideas. The Acoustic Freestander can be positioned as a single screen or in multiples to create private breakout spaces for chats or calls.


If any of these ideas have inspired you, or if you’d like a chat about how we might make a huge whiteboard partition fit your space, please get in touch by completing the form below or call 01756 792300

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