Visual Planning Boards

Visual planning board

We recently completed a large installation of our ThinkingWall frameless whiteboard as part of an office refurbishment in Nottingham. These visual planning boards were placed around an open plan office to provide working space behind desks. The ThinkingWall system allows multiple panels to be joined almost seamlessly creating one large writing surface at the desired size.

Visual planning boards

In this case the visual planning boards were produced in a variety of different widths to suit particular wall spaces. We kept the height of all ThinkingWall whiteboards the same to give a consistent look across the space. The largest board is 15 metres wide while the others range from 3 to 5 metres wide.

Visual planning boards

The flexibility of ThinkingWall means we can create visual planning boards designed to fit and work in a specific space. The wide almost seamless runs of panels provide space to work unencumbered by frames or standard off the shelf sizes. They allow people to work together in one space helping to promote collaboration and discussion.

Further details on ThinkingWall and our range of bespoke products can be found throughout the website. We welcome the opportunity to discuss potential projects and are always happy to offer thoughts, opinions and advice.

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