Whiteboard Calendar Wall Planner

Whiteboard calendar

We produce a wide variety of custom printed whiteboards but one of the more popular solutions are whiteboard calendar and wall planners.

This particular whiteboard calendar produced for Bloom & Blossom was designed to help plan and keep track of product launches in the different retailers they work with. This will hopefully prove to be particularly useful for their new Roald Dahl Story Company collaboration including BFG and Matilda themed products.

The printed whiteboard design featured a clean monochrome calendar with a simple month by month view. It was accompanied by magnetic disks for each of the retailers and product ranges which can be placed in the month they are due to be launched. Further disks can be added as product ranges and retailers increase making the calendar easy to update.

The whiteboard calendar was produced at 2400mm x 2000mm to fill the wall space and make it easily visible from everywhere in the office. Full size custom artwork was created from an initial mock up and finished board fitted by our experienced installation team.

A further example of a custom printed calendar whiteboard can be seen here. This was also designed to give any easy at a glance view of upcoming events. All of our custom printed whiteboards are made to order featuring a design to the clients specification. Fitting instructions are provided however we also follow a full installation service.

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