Whiteboard Cupboard Doors

Whiteboard Cupboard Doors

We are often asked for ideas to turn empty space into something usable and functional particularly where there is a lack of wall space. An excellent solution is to create whiteboard cupboard doors as although the internal space is very functional the doors are often a blank unusable space. This idea has proved very popular with schools and the most recent set we produced was for a primary school fairly close to us in Nelson, Lancashire.

As the doors are floor to ceiling the school were keen to be able to have the whiteboard cupboard doors as one piece. Our experience with large wall mounted frameless whiteboards and the products we have developed to create these enabled us to achieve this.

From an aesthetic point of view we also wanted to make sure the handles and locks fitted correctly so that the whiteboard panel looked as though it is part of the door rather than an after thought. Because the school was local the best solution was for us to visit the school to remove the doors, we then brought them back to our workshop where we removed all the fixtures and fittings. The blank doors were then finished with our magnetic, drywipe surface laminate, the locks and handles refitted and we returned to the school to install the now whiteboard cupboard doors in their original location.

We have plenty of experience transforming unusual spaces into visual thinking spaces and are always more than happy to discuss solutions to a clients requirements.


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