Whiteboard Desk Screens

Whiteboard desk screens

We have been developing ideas for whiteboard desk screens which would offer some protection and help with social distancing but also give a useful, writable surface. The screens would be mounted on the edge of desks to help protect those sitting next to corridors or walkways between banks of desks.

With lockdown restrictions slowly easing we know companies are putting a great deal of thought into how to bring staff back safely as we are here also. Any changes made to work spaces and offices could be in place for a while so we wanted to use our experience and knowledge to add value over a more temporary solution.

With a width of 1200mm and height of 800mm the whiteboard desk screens would fit the majority of desks and protrude past the edge of the desk to cover the person seated there. Integrated brackets would allow for secure fastening to all desk types. The high quality drywipe whiteboard face to both sides is the same used in our range of ThinkingWall products.

whiteboard desk screens

We currently testing and prototyping the whiteboard desk screens so please do contact us if this product would be of interest. They are made to order so we do have options for further customisation such making the screens magnetic receptive or changing sizes to suit particular desks.

We also offer bespoke solutions and can work with our client to create a product suited to their particular needs. We often adapt our existing products particularly the range of mobile and freestanding whiteboards which are ideal for splitting up office spaces or creating separate work areas.

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