Whiteboard Speech Bubble

Our custom whiteboard service allows us to produce whiteboards in shapes to suit client specifications. We recently supplied a whiteboard speech bubble to REN Skincare for use in a series of short film advertisements.

custom-shaped-whiteboard2 custom-shaped-whiteboard3

The idea behind the advertisement was to show customers displaying their favourite products or thoughts about REN on the speech bubble. The shots will then be used in a short film shown on the companies website.

The whiteboard speech bubble was manufactured from the same material we use in our lightweight portable whiteboards but with a thicker core for added rigidity. It features a magnetic receptive layer and a high quality drywipe surface laminate which gives the whiteboard a long usable life span. Although this board was light enough to be handheld we are able to fit the whiteboard speech bubbles and other custom shaped whiteboards with concealed fixings for wall mounting.

Custom shaped whiteboards are proving very popular at the moment in particular the speech bubble shapes. We have also just finished an installation of a series of wall mounted whiteboard speech bubbles situated in office seating areas. These allow staff to sketch out thoughts and ideas or simply doodle during breaks.

Further information on our custom shaped whiteboards can be found here.

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