Whiteboard Wall Calendar

whiteboard wall calendar

We recently produced a whiteboard wall calendar for the National Osteoporosis Society designed to fill a large wall space and allow detailed planning of upcoming events, activities and meetings. The calendar was 2 metres tall and 5 metres wide showing a full year view with a large box for each day. To achieve this size the calendar board had to be paneled in sections that were mounted on site.

The frameless finish hides any fixings and means we can create a continuous grid of boxes across the width of the whiteboard wall calendar without the need for joining strips or plates interrupting the layout.

whiteboard wall calendar

To accompany the whiteboard wall calendar we produced a series of coloured magnetic strips. Each colour signifies a different event, team, activity or occasion so that at a glance it is easy to see what is happening on a particular day. The strips were produced at a size to allow at least five strips to fit into one box so multiple activities could be scheduled on one day.

whiteboard wall calendar whiteboard wall calendar






As with all of our custom printed boards, the whiteboard wall calendar was made to order with artwork designed for our client. The design features the charity logo and was produced in colours to match the corporate identity.

The wall calendar was fitted by our team of experienced installers to ensure a high quality finish particularly as the panels needed to span an internal wall featuring windows between offices. We received some great feedback and photos of the board in use from the client and we hope to work with them again in the near future.

“The calendar looks great – photos attached. I’ll send you some of it in action next week.  The guys who did the installation were a pleasure to work with. Please thank them for their hard work.”


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