Whiteboards for schools

Whilst schools are closed, we’re often hard at work in empty classrooms. We’ve installed everything from full whiteboard walls to whiteboard desks and dry wipe cupboard doors.

All of our whiteboards offer a hardwearing, magnetic dry wipe surface. They aren’t digital or interactive, but they do support modern collaborative learning. See our recent article about how writing down and manipulating data can help consolidate understanding, even in high tech settings.

The frameless designs are at home in any teaching environment. We produce whiteboards in other colours too, from pastels that are helpful for those with visual perceptual distortion, to black for that retro classroom feel.

Full wall classroom whiteboards and teaching walls

Standard frameless whiteboard

Our wall mounted ThinkingWall is perfect for classrooms. It’s frameless and magnetic, and available as a single panel (max 1.5 x 3 metres) or a combination of panels to create a seamless whiteboard wall.

We can also design teaching walls to incorporate your storage, media and IT requirements.

Mobile whiteboard TV unit

Classroom whiteboard desks

We’ve supplied whiteboard tables to several schools, such as this project to refurbish a classroom. The desks are made with the same durable dry wipe finish we use for our vertical whiteboards.

They are endlessly adaptable for small group work, individual quick calculations or spelling checks, or creating mind maps as seen in the example project.

We can supply classroom tables at sitting and standing height and as individual or multiple units. You can furnish an entire classroom, or use one in a quiet corner for pupils who need a little time out.

Whiteboard tables

Hand held student whiteboards

Plain or printed mini whiteboards are versatile enough to use in the classroom or outside. We can create a printed version to support numeracy and literacy, such as these drywipe number lines for Marner Primary School in East London. They were designed by a teacher at the school, but could easily feature any kind of number grid.

We also make a hook up whiteboard. This is a slightly larger portable whiteboard, which you can display quickly and easily on the classroom wall. This makes it ideal for small group work followed by whole class discussion.


drywipe numeracy boards

School communications noticeboards

We can custom print our lighter weight whiteboards to create a noticeboard or ideas board to encourage interaction. We’ve produced many wall mounted custom printed whiteboards for different organisations, but here is an example of custom whiteboards for St John’s School and College in Brighton. These boards are magnetic and dry wipe, so can be used with pens or magnets. We can use your own artwork, or work with you to create a design that is engaging, stimulations and reflects your school values.

custom printed whiteboards

Whiteboard cupboard doors

If you’re short of space, we can help you turn any area into a useable drywipe surface. Our whiteboard cupboard doors are popular in science labs, classrooms and school offices – or even the staffroom! They work on a hinged door or a sliding panel, great for cupboards, desks and tray units.

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