Whole Wall Bespoke Magnetic Whiteboard

Whole Wall Whiteboard

Our frameless ThinkingWall product is the ideal solution for creating a whole wall bespoke magnetic whiteboard. For this particular project we installed a ThinkingWall at Boston College sized to fill a wall space almost floor to ceiling and left wall to right wall. The whiteboard was then customised with printed vinyls featuring a branded design to make the ThinkingWall unique to the college.

At 2.2m high and 4.8m wide this bespoke magnetic whiteboard provides a huge surface area for writing, drawing, creative thinking and visual planning. The finished size is achieved through a modular system of panels that are fitted together on site to create a continuous writing surface with fine tensioned joining seams. The frameless edges and shadow gap created by the concealed fixings give the ThinkingWall a sleek, modern and contemporary look and allows work to be carried out from edge to edge without the physical boundary of a frame.

The whiteboard was installed in the college Entreprise Zone, a dedicated space where students can access support and learning to improve their entrepreneurship and employability skills. Having this large wall space allows for group sessions where students can work collaboratively to complete projects and assignments.

To make the bespoke magnetic whiteboard more unique coloured vinyls were applied directly to the face. The triangles were printed onto vinyl so as to correctly colour match them to the brand artwork and identity then each shape was individually cut and positioned as per the design layout.

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