Whole Wall Whiteboards – Design Studio Fit Out

Our ThinkingWall whole wall whiteboards have always been popular with creative agencies, design studios, universities and architects. Anywhere in fact that having a large blank space suitable for visual thinking and planning is a key requirement. We recently completed a project at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow where we fitted a ThinkingWall whole wall whiteboard to almost every available wall in their large design studio.

The project features a large almost floor to ceiling ThinkingWall at just under 10m wide along with a variety of others ranging between 1.2m and 4m wide. The large whole wall whiteboard is to be used in group sessions and lectures and provides a huge space for visual thinking, creative planning and idea generation. Having a large space designed specifically for this purpose will help to encourage collaboration and drive creativity.

The other whole wall whiteboards are positioned around the room so that individuals can have a space to themselves to sketch ideas or smaller groups can break out to have collaborative discussions about current projects. The high quality finished surface allows for writing, sketching and drawing while the magnetic receptive layer means documents, photos and magazine cuttings can be pinned to the board to compliment any written work.

whole wall whiteboard2 Whole Wall Whiteboard







Each panel is manufactured and fitted by our experienced team whilst its modular construction leaves an almost seamless finish across the whole wall.

We often supply one large whole wall whiteboard but to fit out a whole room with them creates a dramatic effect which is also highly functional. We hope each ThinkingWall receives plenty of use with lots of new ideas coming from groups of talented young designers at the University.

Further information on ThinkingWall can be found here.

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