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home office whiteboards, white desk and white shelving

Home office furniture might have been low down on your priorities a few months ago. Mobile devices mean many of us probably didn’t need a dedicated space for home working. Whilst you can catch up on a few emails whilst relaxing on the sofa, full time work from home is a different story.

Working from home an option for all

home office set up in kitchen with white cupboards

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many people to adopt home working in a hurry, with little time to prepare. Research released from the CIPD has revealed that the proportion of people working from home regularly is predicted by employers to increase to to 37% compared to 18% before the pandemic. The government has also committed to making flexible working a compulsory option for all employers, unless there is a good reason not to.

So whether your home office is a nook under the stairs or you’re lucky enough to have a whole room, it’s likely you’ll be using it more.

Quickly create a home office space

home office desk area interesting shelving

How can you quickly create a home office space from that temporary arrangement? Having a dedicated area to work, even if it’s a shared space, helps you to stay in work mode. Efficient positioning of your office furniture is a must. That doesn’t have to include a state of the art office chair. The NHS has some guidelines for a healthy home working environment. They suggest using cushions for example, to ensure your eyes are at the correct level to use a computer screen.

You’ll also most likely want to keep your office area tidy, especially if it’s shared. Ideal Homes have some home office storage ideas that are attractive, functional and creative. Think about what you want to hide away in drawers and cupboards, and what you want to hand on your desk or a display board. They also make a great point that you might have to think laterally or go bespoke for the best solutions.

Options for taking a break from your computer

It’s important to have alternatives to using a computer screen for the full working day. This might include moving away from your screen if you’re making a phone call, or taking time to stretch with some office chair yoga at your desk.

Other options could be using paper and pen to jot down notes, or even a small printed whiteboard.

Productivity and communications app developer Doist has some great ideas to upgrade your home office to make life more comfortable. As app developers who have to spend a large part of their day looking at digital screens, they recognise the value of analogue tools such as whiteboards.

Whiteboard better alternative to cork board

home office cork noticeboard covered with photos and white deskA whiteboard makes more sense in a home office than a corkboard as it fulfils several purposes.

Not only can you display pictures, tickets etc with pin magnets, you can write down ideas, lists and reminders. A whiteboard also makes the perfect neutral backdrop for video meetings. Either wipe it clean, or subtly make sure your best ideas are on display!

We’ve put together a Logovisual working from home whiteboard kit with all the essentials including a portable whiteboard. For larger sizes, see our range of wall mounted whiteboards and popular pre-printed whiteboard planners. Dry wipe boards don’t need to be white either. For example we produced this brushed metal effect dry wipe board for a home office.

Home office whiteboard furniture

home office area under stairs with white desk and shelf

You can go one step further than a simple wall mounted whiteboard with whiteboard furniture.

Logovisual are the experts in creating innovative, multi-purpose whiteboard options. A moveable whiteboard panel on wheels can act as a screen to separate your work area. A custom portable whiteboard could a be a good option if your organisation wants to supply all employees with a branded kit, or if you need something more bespoke.

For truly multi-functional whiteboard furniture, check out our Stor mobile whiteboard with built in storage. We can supply Stor with shelves or cupboards with hanging rails.

Other furniture options include whiteboard cupboards or a whiteboard desk with a dry wipe tabletop. We can make these to any size and finished to your style.

What would your perfect home office look like?

Whether it’s for you own home office or you need to set up your team for remote working, get in touch and see how we can help.


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