Worlds Longest Custom Whiteboard?

longest custom whiteboard

We recently reported on the installation of the longest custom whiteboard we had ever produced. We have since surpassed that and have manufactured and installed an even longer one. At 17 metres long we are now wondering if this is the worlds longest custom whiteboard.



We completed this project as part of the refurbishment and development our client was undertaking on their innovation centre. The aim was to create as much collaborative working space as possible to give staff freedom to think and generate new ideas. They hoped to have a number of smaller whiteboards and then one long run across the main wall of the room for which our ThinkingWall product is the ideal solution.

ThinkingWall is a custom whiteboard system that allows the creation of almost seamless whole wall working surfaces. Where required multiple panels are fitted side by side and joined leaving a very fine seam to create a continuous writing surface across the full length and width of the board.

The 17m custom whiteboard was installed by our team of experienced fitters to ensure that the whole wall is flat, level and able to be easily written on from one side to the other.

All of our ThinkingWall whiteboards are made to measure and we are always happy to discuss dimensions and advise on the best possible size, whether this is 1 metre wide or above and beyond the 17 metres seen on this project.

Further information on ThinkingWall can be found here.

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