What sets us apart from our competitors is that we genuinely take an interest and care about your project from the user perspective, the processes you are wanting to make visible, or the problem you are trying to solve. We don’t just want to push a commodity at you, we want to ensure you’ve got a solution best matched to your needs, and we stick with you right through the journey from manufacture to installation, through after-sales to process support, refurbishment and relocation.

Here are some further details about each facet of our service.

We are designing new layouts for whiteboards every day of the week, from plain whiteboards with a company logo in the corner or watermarked across the whole area, to calendar whiteboards, or production scheduling whiteboards with grids and headings, to full colour site plans or regional maps.

We also do bespoke designs for things like tactics boards, pledge boards and Top Gear -style leaderboards. We are used to helping clients through the design process in a stress and hassle-free way which removes the risk and makes the experience and the end product a breath of fresh air.

See our custom printed boards for more info.

We have a track record as innovators and take huge pride in developing bespoke solutions for clients like HMRC, BBC, Nike and IBM.

We have unrivalled materials and production expertise with a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to re-inventing the whiteboard as many times as is humanly possible, and it’s not just whiteboards – we have designed and made bespoke furniture for independent schools, universities and commercial clients, with a focus on products for optimising learning, and collaboration workspaces.

As our products are made to order. For UK orders we tend to go the extra mile and deliver all but the smaller packages to you on our own transport. This removes the risk that the hard work we put in to ensuring your needs and deadlines are met is not all undone by a carrier who doesn’t have the same vested interests at stake. In some cases depending on location we may be able to do the same for deliveries to Europe.

What extra this costs is often offset by savings in packaging time and materials, and as we usually also commission or install our products on site, its more efficient to bring them with us straight from production, than incur additional costs and risks in extra handling and storage.

We ship products to Europe and the US, Canada, Australia, and Asia on a regular basis. We handle all customs, duties and taxes and quote and bill in local currencies. For you it’s as easy as buying locally.

When your order is ready to ship we carefully flat pack it here at our base in Skipton, UK. When it arrives you can either assemble it yourself or use a local team. Our products are designed to be easy for you to put together and come with full intructions – but we’re happy to offer assistance over the phone.

Our installation team is frequently commended for the courtesy and efficiency of their work. They are as familiar working in an occupied office space as they are to working on a live construction site, and readily adapt to the circumstances and behave accordingly.

We are a small team and it’s often the same guys installing our products on your wall as produced and assembled those products back at base. It keeps us all on our game and gives everyone the satisfaction of seeing a job through to completion.

We can offer this service throughout the UK and to some areas of Europe.

We are Safe Contractor approved and part of the FORS accreditation scheme. We regularly review staff training and our team members have the appropriate CSCS qualifications to work on the majority of sites.


Many of our installed products have a very long life and will often outlast the lease on your premises, so you’ll want to take them with you. We are called upon with increasing regularity, to relocate walls and whiteboards from one site to another, often modifying sizes to suit the new location.

We also provide a refurbishment service, restoring the surfaces of tired whiteboards and resurfacing or replacing those which have gone beyond viable refurbishment.

We believe that ANY process can be made more effective by making it visible – seeing the status of things, seeing progress against plan, seeing overlaps and conflicts, seeing where the problem is or what the issues are; or what ideas and insights we have, and how they can help us make sense of the bigger picture.

We can help you make your processes visual with solutions including workshops, training sessions and bespoke toolkits.

At Logovisual we recognise that the product selection and specification process often requires both high level initial research and more in depth technical data as a project progresses.

Our team have in-depth knowledge on all products and can provide advice and assistance throughout all project stages.

We aim to provide easy access to product overviews, technical data, CAD models and case studies all in one place. See our architects & specifiers page for full details.