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Information for Architects and Specifiers

Information for architects & specifiers

At Logovisual we recognise that the product selection process often requires both high level initial research and more in depth technical data as a project progresses.

We aim to provide easy access for architects and specifiers to product overviews, technical data, CAD models and case studies all in one place.

Our team have in-depth knowledge on all products and can provide advice and assistance throughout all project stages.

We offer a wide range of high quality whiteboards and visual thinking products, ThinkingWall being our most popular, but we also have extensive experience in developing bespoke products to client brief.

Typically our products fit under the N10 193 classification for whiteboards or the Uniclass classification Pr_40_30_25_96 for whiteboards (although the teaching walls classification may also be applicable).

ThinkingWall Whiteboards

ThinkingWall is our premium range of whiteboards, writing walls and visual thinking products. The range aims to provide the tools to enhance a working environment, promoting visual thinking & collaborative work practices.

All products are designed and manufactured in the UK and are backed by a full service from specification to installation.

Product overviews and resources are featured below and further details can be found on NBS Source or Specifiedby

ThinkingWall Wall Mounted Whiteboard

  • Custom sizes but typically working to max panels sizes of 3000mm x 1200mm joined horizontally or vertically

A frameless, modular, magnetic whiteboard wall system, ThinkingWall® can create a continuous drywipe writing surface at almost any size to suit your space.

The superior quality dry wipe finish delivers a smooth writing surface. The magnetic receptive layer means you can add magnetic accessories such as a pen tray, magnetic sticky notes, or hold documents in place with pin magnets. The edges are finished with a slight chamfer which enhances the minimalist modern finish.

All panels are made to measure and we produce exact sizes to fit your space. The purpose made mounting frames are bespoke, with finishing details matched to enhance your workspace.

A sub frame is used to spread load, provide a secure wall fastening and to facilitate the tensioning of joining seams. Subframes are 45mm in depth and generally 100mm in from the panel edges, finished in white. When mounting a single panel to a structural wall, a concealed aluminium rail can be used, which keeps the panels as close as possible to the wall.

All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK backed by a full service from specification to installation complemented by an extensive range of visual thinking and planning accessories augmented by visual thinking process expertise.

ThinkingWall Freestander

ThinkingWall Freestander

  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 1950mm
  • Thickness at base: 400mm

A frameless magnetic mobile whiteboard, the ThinkingWall® Freestander is ideal for flexible working in small groups. It is highly manoeuvrable and easy for one person to move around.

The double sided writing surface, made from the same high quality material as the wall mounted ThinkingWall, provides a large space ideal for visual thinking and creative planning.

Set on four wheels the ThinkingWall Freestander is very stable and easy to move, it has been specifically designed at a height that allows it to pass through doors without needing to be dismantled.

The large magnetic receptive surface is ideal for project management systems such as Agile and Lean. Its portable nature easily enables movement between offices and meeting rooms providing a flexible solution to facilitate collaborative working across a business.

ThinkingWall Divider

ThinkingWall Divider

  • Width: 2200mm
  • Height: 1925mm
  • Thickness: 400mm

The ThinkingWall Divider is a sturdy double sided mobile whiteboard wall on wheels, providing a large drywipe and magnetic receptive work space. The work space covers the full face on both sides of the Divider mobile whiteboard wall providing plenty of space for writing, working, thinking and planning.

It is is a flexible option in large open plan offices where wall space may not be available. The ThinkingWall Divider can be moved to wherever required and creates a large multi-functional workspace or mobile writing wall. It is ideal as a collaboration wall for break out meetings or gathering teams together to share ideas, or simply used as a moveable, contemporary room divider.

Set on 6 twin wheel castors with high quality bearings to provide a stable footprint and secure stance. The inset handle at either end helps users guide the unit when moving or re-positioning the Divider.

There are no feet or extending wheels protruding from the base of the product therefore reducing potential trip hazards. The end panels can be customised or coloured to match the environment or clients branding.

ThinkingWall Stor

ThinkingWall Stor

  • Width: 1200mm
  • Height: 1980mm
  • Thickness: 435mm

A double sided frameless drywipe and magnetic receptive mobile whiteboard wall with spacious built in storage and adjustable shelves.

The whiteboard faces to both sides offer a large writing area ideal for individual or group work sessions. It uses the same high quality drywipe and magnetic receptive surface as features in the rest of the ThinkingWall product range.

The integrated storage reduces the need for additional furniture or shelving units to provide an all in one unit. Each end of the ThinkingWall Stor features 4 spacious storage areas. These offer 2 adjustable shelves in order to vary the height depending on what is being stored.

The frameless design maximises the available work area, whilst providing a sleek complement to any modern workplace design. There are no feet or extending wheels protruding from the base of the product therefore reducing potential trip hazards.

The four lockable castors make the ThinkingWall Stor easy to manoeuvre between different spaces or simply used to break up and larger open plan area to create smaller work zones.

Acoustic Mobile Whiteboard

ThinkingWall Acoustic Freestander

  • Width: 1500mm or 2400mm
  • Height: 1925mm
  • Thickness at base: 400mm

A freestanding mobile whiteboard featuring a drywipe and magnetic receptive whiteboard on both sides with built in acoustic panels to the lower sections of the unit.

The dry wipe and magnetic receptive writable surface covers both sides, making the ThinkingWall mobile acoustic freestander a great fit for open plan office spaces.

The acoustic panels provide sound deadening and reverberation reduction properties ideal for busy offices and open plan spaces. They are available in a range of colours so can be linked with interior decor or corporate branding. The acoustic panel is made from 100% polyester and contain a minimum of 65% post-consumer recycled material (PET bottle-flake); It is completely safe, non-toxic, non-allergenic and non-irritant.

The unit features a sturdy base with 4 high quality twin wheel castors for easy manoeuvrability. The clean, simple base features an exposed plywood edge for a contemporary look and feel.

ThinkingWall Desk

  • Typically 1500mm x 1500mm (1200mm x 600mm for standard classroom desks) but custom sizes are available to client request.
  • Leg height options: 710mm, 860mm, 1020mm

A whiteboard desk featuring the same high quality drywipe surface as the other ThinkingWall core products, providing the ability to write notes, plans and ideas directly onto the desk top.

The standard finish of exposed end grain plywood contrasted with the gloss white surface and sturdy steel legs lends a contemporary look and feel. The large work area, which also features a central hole for cables, is practical and stable. The steel legs are also available in other colours to suit your design scheme.

The ThinkingWall desk is available in custom sizes to suit your environment. Choose from a square shape for a roomy shared desk, or a rectangular shape that you can reconfigure to a long table or square as required.

The steel legs are available in a range of sizes giving the flexibility to create a standard seated desk or taller standing height desks for meeting or break out areas.

ThinkingWall BIM Files

We have Revit files available for each product in the ThinkingWall range.

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