Are whiteboards magnetic?

The question of whether our whiteboards are magnetic is one we get asked quite frequently. For the quick answer, scroll to the bottom… What do we mean by magnetic? When…

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Custom Printed Scoreboard

custom printed scoreboard

We are often asked to produce bespoke whiteboards for clients, this custom printed scoreboard is an example of one of those projects. The board was designed as a leaderboard to…

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Custom Magnetic Leaderboards

custom magnetic leaderboards

Alongside our standard range we also produce custom magnetic leaderboards. All of our leaderboards are made to order so the customisation can be as simple as matching the colour of the…

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Freestanding Magnetic Leaderboard

Magnetic Leaderboard

As part of our custom print and bespoke manufacture services we often receive enquiries to create a wide range of different products. As seen in this project these products include a…

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