How does Scrum differ from Kanban?

Bespoke version of a Kanban board

Scrum versus Kanban (or is it Agile versus Lean versus Design Thinking?). Or is it why DevOps is impossible if you’re not Agile? Or….?  Big questions all of them, no…

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Tony Buzan – it makes you think

I opened my copy of The Times yesterday to read the sad news that Tony Buzan, the man who developed and then popularised the technique of mind mapping, has died.…

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Lean Canvas Whiteboard Wall

lean canvas whiteboard wall

We recently completed the manufacture and installation of a custom printed Lean Canvas mobile whiteboard wall. This was a more personalised, unique version of our popular ThinkingWall Divider. We created…

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Business Planning for SMEs

A visual approach to business planning for SMEs can deliver a prioritised and focussed business plan that engages the workforce in delivering it. SME’s ranging from a “one-man band” to a…

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Creating Competitive Advantage

In today’s highly competitive commercial world, creating competitive advantage is essential. No longer is it just having the USP, process efficiency or even information that will achieve competitive advantage. Now…

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Facilitating High Performing Project Team

Facilitating high performing project team simply gets things done. Well, not so simple actually. A high performing project team is more likely to happen by design and intervention. What some may…

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Developing a Creative Curriculum

Developing a creative curriculum says some very important things about a school.  How the community, children and adults alike, articulate their ideas about learning and teaching, and how they see…

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MagPics – Stimulus Images

custom photo magnets

A recent development of our hexagonal MagNotes these photo magnets, called MagPics are designed as stimulus images to aid collaborative meetings and sessions by provoking ideas and discussions within the…

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Collaborative Workplace Design Trends

visual thinking solutions

As companies and educational establishments adopt more collaborative workplace styles and practices, so there is a growing need for visual thinking and planning systems. The trend in office space design…

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Magnetic Whiteboard Overlay

magnetic whiteboard overlay

We are often asked to supply magnetic whiteboard overlays for use on clients existing whiteboards or as part of the system of products available for our frameless ThinkingWall. These particular…

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Business Model Canvas Session

Business model canvas

Business model canvas is a great way to plan out a strategy for anything from a small project, a product launch or an entire business. It’s one of many planning…

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