Whiteboard Magnetics

Magnets for your whiteboard come in all shapes and sizes, including Magnotes and our custom printed magnets, which allow you complete licence to decide the shape, size and printing on your whiteboard magnetics.


Magnotes are our range of magnetic drywipe tiles that you can write on. They come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours to bring your planning, teaching or visual thinking to life. You can use Magnotes with any magnetic receptive drywipe board whether wall mounted for group sessions or portable for one to one work.

You might also like our kits that include a selection of Magnotes plus pens, cleaning fluid and cloth, and the option to add personal or team boards.

Custom printed and shaped magnets

We can produce Magnotes in other shapes and colours, please get in touch to find out more. We can also custom print magnets to any shape or size; have a look below and maybe one of our projects will inspire you. You can supply your own artwork or we can help you with the design process. All of our whiteboard magnetics are designed and produced in Skipton, UK.